Thursday, January 29, 2009

BURBs pics

heck yes Eric.  thanks for posting.  I'm psyched to know yall are getting on that.  They'er ER-scary for sure.  Did you get on any more lines further right of the project in your 2nd picture?  ER grade starts to climb higher and faster but they look more than worthy.

I'm not placing the arete in my mind yet though.

Here are my pics of what I had dubbed the "fist jam alcove".  Now that Alley Cat is established do you have any recommendations on that little area's name?

Say, as you live so close and all, may I suggest taking a harness one day and getting on the Murman route?  I've still not had or dedicated the time to lead that thing and I don't know of anyone else who has yet.  Great moves.  Great rock.


  1. Those are some great pics of the area. About a name, perhaps "the back alley" because it definitely has an alley feel to the area, which led to the naming of the route.

    About lines to the right of the project, you start running out of vertical wall, so we didn't notice anything great. One variation would be to traverse the beautiful undercling flake from the big boulder on the left all the way to its finish, which would be a tough slab.

    The areate is a little hidden. It is almost directly downhill from Albacross and leads to the opening of a nice, flat treed area which houses a couple fun lines, nothing crazy.

    About Murman, I'm not sure I know what you're talking about. I did notice one bolted line on a huge boulder way downhill towards the beginning of the BURBs area. Is that it?

  2. that's it alright. brand spankin new my friend. Hard boulder problem to a slightly tricky end. I've TR'd it twice successfully.

    check this:

    I know the arete now... had to look at the pic in better light. yes yes, it's directly below where Hangatang used to be. The alcove below/behind it houses some fun problems indeed. I like that little area. Pretty tree covers the ground with soft, encouraging foliage.

    I like "back alley" and will use that in my site. and I like your idea of the full traverse to scary topout. fantastic. I remember figuring there'd probably be 3 lines there.. with the traverse make that 4 i guess. what ER grade would you guess these to be from left to right?

    when are you going out next btw?

  3. Yes, that is the route i thought you were talking about. It looks more stout than v6, but i haven't touched it. I look forward to jumping on it next time out.

    You are also correct about the arete and alcove. It is a very serene setting.

    About ER ratings, probably a 2, then 3, then 4 and 4. We would have to settle on the lines, but none of them seem too dangerous. It is just difficult to top out on that slab.

    Don't have a date to go back out again. I'm always flexible living so close. You heading this way anytime soon?