Saturday, January 31, 2009

I'll try this again. Thanks for the invite to this blog. It's very nice to be kept up to date with some of the recent sends, new problems and all. I was out at E-Rock a couple months ago and sent a good problem (probably only about V1 near the BURB's II problems. If your facing Forty-one Thirty, go uphill to the right probably about 50-75 feet. There's a relatively small boulder to the right (it's one of the topmost in this collection of boulders) and there is a nice face (approximately the north side of the boulder) just to the right of a small tree. The route climbs up the arete (for the right hand) and good crystals onthe face to the left. I put full weight on some of these crystals and they all held. You follow the arete up and left with your right hand until you get to the good crystals and then head left up the face and top out. The line is franky pretty obvious once you find the boulder. Just below (downhill and to the right of the above face) is a larger and if you go into the alcove to the left, there looks like a good highball problem that you have to start by stemming off of the boulder across from it. I didn't have spotters or a pad and thus didn't try it. My guess is it's somewhere in the V1-V3 range. Please post if anyone tries these things and sends the one I just mentioned.

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