Monday, January 26, 2009

Exploration in the BURBs

First, I'm excited to see this blog come together and appreciate Matt for inviting me to join the gathering. For those that don't know, I live here in Fredericksburg, which makes it convenient to jump in on last minute trips.

Moving on, I did want to mention that I have been exploring the BURBs area lately and have found a number of quality problems. Most of them are in the easier range v0-v3, which might not be a bad thing to help newbies out. Their is one very quality problem we named "Sail Away," that is probably v3 (hands down one of the best problems in the area). It is a unique problem for Erock as it climbs an overhanging areate with no feet directly beneath you. We also discovered a funky v0 face climb we named "Alley Cats" in the corridor just downhill from the BURBs problem. There are a couple harder lines with a sketchy top out just uphill which we failed to send (don't worry the landing is safe, we tested it a number of times). Last but not least we climbed a cool vertical to slabby areate v0 that had some amazingly large crystals, not kidding these things were huge.

Anyways, I know this doesn't help much without pictures, so I will try to get some from Scott Chapman and post them soon. This is just the tip of the iceberg for this area, and we climbed a few other lines that were less notable. If anyone is interested in checking them out, then I'd love to head back out there soon.

Guess that's it for now,
Eric Odenwald


  1. I know some of the problems you speak of, but not all. I was jazzed when I came across that corridor and am more jazzed to know that someone's taken the time to get on problems there. Whenever I tried getting on them my paddage was rather feeble and my spotters adviced, correctly, against getting on them.
    Have you tried the arete project left of the BURBs problem? super good.

    so much stuff is still going down. it's awesome.

  2. Yes, Scott and I tried working the arete next to the BURBs problem, and it foiled our best attempts. I look forward to getting back on it again someday soon.