Wednesday, January 21, 2009

let's do this!

yeah yeah we already got, but this is unique for the boulderers of ERock!

find a new proj?
send a new proj?
establish a new v-grade?
break crucial holds?
wanna down/up grade?
dope pix?

whatever it is, let's do this.

Thanks Joe for setting this up.  It's a simple way to help bring the ERock bouldering community together.  We're a pretty disparate group and lack a routine or scheduled sesh, but we all share a groove for mastering the stone moves found at the Park.

I'd like to request one thing from everyone.  I'm not a fan of not knowing a poster because I don't know their nickname.  I'd respect it if everyone would end their posts with their name.  I doubt anyone has anything to hide behind.

many cheers!
Matt Twyman

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